Here at TPF we believe that the key to unlocking the best version of yourself starts with the foundation of good movements. We pride ourselves in making sure everyone gets the individual care they deserve. In doing this, it allows you to gain a better understanding about safely exercising and reaching your true potential. Our studio provides you with the knowledge and tools to improve your everyday aches and pains by moving efficiently.  



20 Cameron Road
Mount Barker 5251


5:30am – 10:30am
6:30pm – 8:30pm

7am – 9am



  • Battle Rope

  • Weight Rack

  • Barbell & Bumper Plate

  • Free Weight

  • Weight Training

  • Bench

  • Rowing Machine

  • Air Bike

  • Ski Erg

  • Bosu Ball

  • Wall Ball

  • Sled & Sled Track

  • Foam Roller

  • Relaxation Area

  • Child friendly Space

  • Premiumen Toiletries